Your Voice is Needed – Speak Out Against the Governor’s Health Care Proposal

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Facts about the Governor’s health care proposal

  • Oklahoma’s uninsured rate is among the highest in the US. This means that many of our friends and neighbors can’t see a doctor, get treatment for a chronic illness, or even fill a prescription. It doesn’t have to be this way.
  • The Governor’s proposal contains barriers to health care coverage, such as work requirements and premiums. Limiting coverage needlessly puts Oklahomans’ lives at risk
  • Courts nationwide have thrown out work requirements for Medicaid coverage. States that have attempted to implement work requirements became entangled in lengthy and expensive lawsuits. Terminating Medicaid coverage for failing to meet a work requirement is an expensive failed policy that has been consistently thrown out in court.
  • Gov. Stitt’s proposal will require building costly, unnecessary bureaucracy that will keep Oklahomans from the health care they need.
  • Full Medicaid expansion, such as what’s included in SQ 802, would help keep rural hospitals from closing. Full Medicaid expansion remains the only tried and true path to providing health care coverage for Oklahomans who need it the most.
  • The Governor’s proposal was developed without input from the public or many other elected officials. Taxpayers deserve the opportunity to thoughtfully evaluate important decisions like this, rather than having officials hastily assemble and submit a health care plan that few have seen until now.
  • SoonerCare 2.0 continues to move forward without a funding plan. Lawmakers approved a funding bill during the recent session, but the Governor vetoed it saying he was concerned that there would be too much demand for the program during this economic crisis. The Governor’s actions casts serious doubt about the state’s commitment to this proposal.