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Coalition Principles

Thank you so much for your interest in joining the Coalition to Expand Coverage! We are excited about the opportunity to expand health coverage in Oklahoma, but this can only happen with your support and participation.

As a member of the Coalition, you will be joining forces with others who believe that every Oklahoman should have access to affordable, high quality health care. We must demand that Oklahoma policy makers apply successful strategies that have reduced the number of insured and strengthened the health care system in other states. We also must work to avoid enacting policies which cause Oklahoma’s most vulnerable populations to lose coverage. Together, we can make this happen!

As a Coalition, we affirm that the following common-sense solutions should be enacted to bring affordable health care to the more than 100,000 Oklahomans currently going without:

  • Oklahoma should accept federal funds to provide coverage to the full expansion population;
  • All enrollees in the expansion population should have comprehensive health coverage;
  • All enrollees should have the full spectrum of covered services, with minimal out-of-pocket costs and without danger of being locked out of coverage;
  • The program should be efficient, transparent, and operate without needless red tape.

As a Coalition member, you will have access to health advocacy alerts, weekly health coverage update calls, technical assistance, and other support! In turn, we ask for your commitment to support the campaign by making phone calls and writing letters to legislators, participating in local and statewide advocacy actions and events, hosting meetings or advocacy events, and other activities that move us closer to our goal!

To ensure that we accurately record your formal participation in the Coalition, please indicate by completing the form below. We would also like to include you in our official membership list that will be used publicly from time to time. Please indicate your agreement to publicly list you as a member of the Coalition to Expand Coverage by signing below.

Again, thank you for joining such an important effort to improve the health and well-being of thousands of Oklahomans!


Carly Putnam
Policy Director, Oklahoma Policy Institute
Angela Monson
Campaign to Expand Coverage